I am a medical device entrepreneur, currently
resident in the Netherlands, where I develop
creative products that draw new meaning from
clinical data.  Life is happily filled with science,
philosophy, travel, and art, and I enjoy
conversation and exploration of ideas and
experiences with thoughtful people of all sorts.  

By turns active and reflective, I am usually fully
engaged with my ABC's: Ambition of defining and
pursuing my life's purpose, Balancing the
opportunities of work, education, and personal
interests, and Connecting strongly with the
positive relationships that open and enrich my life.
Dave's Personal Web Pages
By Way of Introduction...
I enjoy reading books that touch and reveal, watching
thunderstorms roll across the prairies, losing myself in charcoal
and watercolor, walking stone walls misted with legend, sharing
stories of life's defining experiences, sailing wooded coastlines,
discovering and writing about ideas that enlighten, quiet
reflections in large open spaces, and time shared together slowly
in a close and resonant friendship.